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A Proud Tradition and A Promising Future


The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO of Mercer County) is a public benefit community organization that enhances the lives of Greater Mercer County youth and their families, by providing affordable, quality, educational and recreational services. Rooted in the Catholic Tradition, the CYO provides these services in an inclusive and non-discriminatory manner respecting the culture and faith of all.


Founded in 1961, more than 100,000 young people have walked through the Broad Street doors of the CYO Center in Trenton or played at the CYO Camp on Yardville-Allentown Road in Hamilton. Currently served by 25 full-time staff persons (including an Executive Director and 3 Program Directors, certified Pre-School Teachers, as well as over 125 Camp, Teen Program, and After School Counselors), the CYO is presently undergoing program expansions, building renovations and tremendous overall growth. A very active eleven member Board of Trustees is committed to a CYO willing and able to reach out and serve the youth of Trenton and Mercer County.


As an agency of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton the CYO understands its mission to be one of love and concern for young people of every culture and faith.

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CYO Yardville

453 Yardville-Allentown Rd., Hamilton

(609) 585-4280

CYO Broad St.

920 South Broad St., Trenton

(609) 396-8383

CYO Ewing

320 Hollowbrook Drive, Ewing

(609) 883-1560

CYO East State Street

794 East State St., Trenton

(609) 989-8143

CYO Bromley Center

1801 East State St., Hamilton

(609) 587-8100